Being A Lawyer Lets You See The Future?! We Break It Down.


Being a lawyer is never easy. From impossible clients to life-threatening deadlines that make you just want to pull your hair out.

However, like it or not being a lawyer does change a person.

So our peeps at OfficeParrots breakdown 9 ways how the job changes a person. 

9. You’re Annoyed When People Say Things Without a Basis

Too many people make general statements without a concrete basis. You think they should be more calculated and careful about what they say. From know-it-all aunts to politicians, everyone seems to pale in intelligence or integrity when they make broad-brush statements that sometimes more closely resemble their own sentiment.

8. You Can See the Future

Ok maybe not.

But are you sometimes frustrated cos nobody seems to have enough common sense or foresight to anticipate what might happen next?

Trained to see as far as the next life, living in the real world can be a challenge when you’re the only one who has applied your mind to all possible eventualities and what may unfold in the future, which leads us to…

7. You’re Always Preparing for an Inevitable Tragedy

As a lawyer, part of seeing the future is using a giant magnifying lens of scepticism to do so, through which everything will almost definitely go wrong.

For some learned friends who head to court on a daily basis, they get to witness a disaster first hand, whether in business, with the law or in one’s personal life. As a result, you may be risk-averse, non-committal and fearful of what life may have to offer.

6. You Believe Someone’s Always Out to Get You

Regardless of the situation, even if you’re trying to work with someone else to achieve a common goal, you believe in the back of your mind that someone, somewhere, somehow, someday will be out to get you and they just might succeed.

They don’t need a motive today, but they’ll find one tomorrow. And so, you ring-fence everything you have (which is good practice anyway) and…

5. You Caveat Everything You Say


“This is the best pizza I’ve ever had,” you say between mouthfuls, “compared to what we can get within a 10km radius of this restaurant and also taking into account the price and ambience here.”

4. You Communicate Like a Robot

Emails and text messages form a large part of a lawyer’s life. Words on screens, in short, are like a trigger that makes us respond like we’re a customer service chat-bot. At work, it’s a product of sheer habit and efficiency. And in our social lives, it looks like this:

3. Time = Units = Money

If you ever worked in a firm that practices a strict billable hour recording policy, you’ll start to think of your day in chunks of time. “Dinner – 1.0, Feed cat – 0.2”.

And more so if you’re working for yourself, every hour spent not working is money down the drain.

2. You Find Yourself Using Superfluous Adjectives

You just can’t keep things short and without realising it, you’re constantly going into monologue mode.

A simple sentence has more mileage once peppered with words like “crucially”, “essentially” or “most pertinently”, because they are integral to colouring and emphasising what you’re saying. Sometimes your responses also have to be segmented into various limbs and parts.

1. It’s Hard to Form an Opinion

Ironically, a large part of being a lawyer is forming an opinion on a particular matter. However, when rendered, they are often subject to pages of caveats (see #5).

For some, this extends to real life. From friends asking casual hypothetical questions to someone asking you what you’d like for dinner, the answer more likely than not, may start off with “it depends…”

Well, do you think these points apply to you?

This article was originally published on OfficeParrots