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4 MORE Crazy Laws Around The World


Laws are simply just rules to ensure order in society. However …

Laws do get really weird at times. Continuing from our previous post, here are 4 MORE weird laws from around the world that will break your mind and possibly your bones.

Here are 4 more weird laws: 

1) Suspiciously holding salmon in the United Kingdom

Picture credit: Trip Advisor

Apparently, it is illegal to handle a salmon under “suspicious circumstances” (whatever that means).

Sounds fishy, but it’s true. The penalty is a maximum 2 years imprisonment. But relax guys, the United Kingdom’s parliament enacted this law to curb salmon poaching. This is due to the fact that handling poached salmon is an offence.

So throwing fish is fine, as long as it wasn’t poached

2) Wearing camouflaged clothing publically in Jamaica.

Image Credits: GIPHY.com

Jamaica has a zero-tolerance attitude towards camo clothing, as it carries a hefty fine and/or a maximum 6-month jail sentence.

This law prevents civilians from being mistaken for police officers or army personnel. So, if you want to rock out a swanky pair of army briefs at the beach, think again.

3) Making an ugly face at a dog in OK, USA.

In some areas of Oklahoma, people who make “ugly” faces can face a fine and/or jail time. Yup, it’s definitely not OK to do that. (Get that? OK.) 

In their defence, said law is not enforced strictly. It would be pretty funny if it was. However, weird laws do exist so just keep an eye out before you deciding those funny faces.

Not those kind of faces, Lucy. (Image Credit: GIPHY.com)

4) Whistling in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

This town’s local ordinance states that “yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling and singing is prohibited at all times”, which carries a fine.

Image Credit: GIPHY.com

Good thing is, if you still want to serenade the love of your life with a Stevie Wonder song, the cops won’t make much noise when you do so.

Image Credit: GIPHY.com

That’s because the town representative noted that the law isn’t meant to apply in a literal manner. Its purpose is to deter people from making noises in the middle of the night.

So there you have it! Odd laws exist everywhere, so again we’re reminding you to do your homework before setting for your destinations.

This article has been researched and written by guest writer Ethan Low. Ethan Low is a 2nd-year law student who abides by a devil may care attitude and lives life to the fullest.