Education Ministry’s Life Saving Skills plan in hot Hotel Pool water


Backlash ensued after Dr. Maszlee, Education Minister, suggested utilizing hotel pools for promoting water safety among school children.

Maszlee commented that the Life-Saving Skills Programme and Water Safety and Rescue Awareness Module for Malaysian Schools 2018 could work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), hence the suggestion.

This may look like fun, but an unprepared child has a huge risk of drowning. (Image Credit: GIPHY)

While noting his good-intentions, hotel representatives immediately voiced out concerns over its execution.

Guests pay to use hotel facilities to ensure privacy public spaces cannot offer.

Groups of children utilizing the pool for lessons would be an ongoing thing, and would disrupt the privacy of hotel guests.

The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) notes hotel pools are not made for heavy duty but for leisure use.

Definitely not made to hold over 15 people (Image Credit: GIPHY)

Parents, on the other hand, took to mention the shortcomings they would face.

Are teachers able to care for large classes of students in such a high-risk environment?

The hotel would also have to charge for pool maintenance, and parents would have to spend time and money sending their kids to the location.


Sarawakian representatives also voiced issues with Maszlee’s suggestion.

Maszlee defended his statement, reiterating that hotels aren’t forced to join the program, but would be a valuable asset in helping spread water safety awareness.

There are not enough public pools, sports centers and other schools with swimming facilities to make this movement effective.

Learning to swim and to save others may be a needed incentive, but feasibility could be discussed a little more.

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