Finally! Lawyers Can Escape From The Undue Delay At Court!


We all know this phrase too well “time is money and money is time”.

Especially when we (lawyers) bill our clients by our hourly rate.

That said, the last thing we want to do is to waste time.

Unfortunately and ironically, the latter happens a lot in one premise which litigators must attend to, 99% of the time, which is the COURT!

To all litigants out there, remember when you have to sit in the courtroom past an hour (almost snoozing off) for just a 5 minutes mention or hearing?

Ever wondered why isn’t there a computing system to organize time better like how restaurants handle their many orders yet deliver the same in time?

Well, it seems our luck is changing.

To my SURPRISE and DELIGHT, our Chief Justice of Malaysia Tan Sri Richard Malanjum has implemented a real-time alert system known as the “Queue Management System (QMS).

The system went live on the 5th of October!

Before this implementation, the delay is an issue for both the lawyer and the court! The system helps to promote greater access and efficiency towards justice.

Delay threatens the effective operation of the judicial system and imposes additional stress for litigants, victims and witnesses.

Aside from those, in the criminal context, the same may even interfere with the rights of the accused to have the charges against them speedily determined.

Our court should seek to eliminate any cumbersome court processes which may deter citizens with legitimate legal problems from entering and using the system.

It should be as simple as ABC!

The looks on all of our face when we are waiting

Most importantly, increases in delay go hand-in-hand with spiraling court costs, with litigation becoming more expensive.

Hence, efficiency in the internal court management system plays a pivotal role in reducing the cost of litigation. Because, as mentioned above, lawyers are charging by hourly rate!

At the end of the day, no one likes burning their money right…

Now that we are living in the digital era where everything could be done on our smartphones, I look forward to the day when lawyers may view details of their scheduled time for case management, hearings etc on our phones, which links with the court system too for easier managing of time.

What do you think of the new court system?


-About The Author-

Justina is a practicing lawyer and a freelance writer for The CanLaw Report.