Foreign Cooks Told To Head To The Exit! Malaysians React


This article has been updated… 

The Human Resource Minister, M Kulasegaran said the government will follow the policy implemented by the Penang government in 2014 to ban foreign cooks in local restaurants.

The Minister said that the restaurant operators will have a 6-month buffer period to start recruiting local cooks as the regulation will be implemented on 1 January 2019. Bernama reported that the Minister believed this would reduce the dependence of local restaurants on foreign labour and the quality of local food would be preserved.

As the saying goes, Malaysians have no chills when it comes to food. Netizens are split over this policy.

Some think that this will increase job opportunities for the locals.

And it will be a great platform for the locals to showcase their talent!

However, Presma president Ayub Khan said that locals are not willing to take up the job even though the restaurant owners have advertised such job vacancy in the past. Many restaurants have already been facing the problem of manpower shortage all this while. The new policy will further create a major impact on the F&B businesses.

Nevertheless, those who agree with the government’s move say this will reduce crappy chain restaurants where the owners do not care about the quality of the food.

Netizens also expressed their views on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness of the restaurants rather than the identity of the cooks.

Twitterjaya has been also flooded with discussions on this issue. Many were wondering if the policy applies to the Korean restaurants, Sushi bar or even 5-star Michelin restaurants.

And what if Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay wants to open up a restaurant in Malaysia?

There are also activists from several NGOs who slammed such policy as racist,  discriminatory and xenophobic.

Most importantly, people are afraid that the price of the food might be hiked up.

Updates: After rounds of bashing by the netizens, the Minister was reported saying that the policy is still being discussed, nothing has been finalised yet.
So are you saying yay or nay to the policy?