A Boy With An Electronic Monitoring Device, A Man on Death Row. This Is Their Story.


This article is written in conjunction with Freedom Film Festival 2018

This year, Freedom Film Fest is back with an exciting line up of films and documentaries!

A few of documentaries that’ll be premiering at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One this coming October. (Image Credits: Freedom Film Fest)

This year Freedom Film Fest will premiere several documentaries that require immediate attention in the era of Malaysia Baru. 

The CanLaw Report also talked with producers of “POCA Boy” (Sevan Doraismy) and “Menunggu Masa” (Seira Sacha Abu Bakar and Sherrie Razak, also known as the S-Ploited) about their documentaries. 

POCA Boy tells the story of injustice that is inflicted upon young juveniles detained without trial under the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (POCA 1959)

Image Credit: Aliran

Through an interview, Sevan Doraisamy revealed to us his personal motivation film this documentary. It is to tell their stories in a creative manner:

This documentary showcase on how their lives are derailed and destroyed by the apathy shown by the State.

The name “POCA Boy” is also unique, as it is common for Malaysian families to call their kids. 

Every. Single. Time. Asian Parents. (Image Credit: MemeGenerator.net)

This documentary will show the story of a juvenile who was first detained under POCA at the age of 16. Hence, the name POCA Boy!

Now if you thought not getting a brand new Ipad or iPhone during high school sucked big time, wait till you see these bad boys.

Youths detained under POCA may lose a further 2 YEARS of their lives with a Prevention Order under the Act.


A Restricted Residency Order keeps detainees away from their families at a restricted location. An Electronic Monitoring Device is attached to their legs and they cannot move beyond a 10-kilometre radius from their residence.

Image Credit: Freedom Film Fest

However, doesn’t this sounds contradictory to the name and purpose of the Act?

You’re right! Even if you’re not a law student, the Prevention of Crime Act isn’t that hard to figure out.

As stated in the Act, it aims for a more effectual prevention of crime throughout Malaysia. Simply, an Act to prevent and control crime effectively.

“Hmmmm, effectual prevention of crime” (Image Credit: Gifer)

However, it was reported in 2017 that 142 minors are currently detained without trial under POCASounds disturbingly alarming, isn’t it? 

So here’s what Sevan from SUARAM hopes for the audience watching POCA Boy:

We hope that people would remember the other side of the story when they hear about the next POCA case. For the audience, rethink your perspective on crime prevention and know that it is not a black and white story, but a story where there is a person behind the label and that everyone deserve a fair hearing.

Sevan Doraisamy, Executive Director of Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM). (Image Credit: Freedom Film Fest)

Menunggu Masa will focus on a fan favourite topic that has raised many discussion: the impact and effect of the death penalty in Malaysia.

Here, we focus on the story of a death penalty case that Seira Sacha Abu Bakar and Sherrie Razak (also known as the S-Ploited) are working on, alongside Amer Hamzah.

Seira on the left, Sherrie on the right. (Image by Sherrie Razak)
Criminal Lawyer, Amer Hamzah in an interview session. (Image by Sherrie Razak)

Through talking with Sherrie, she revealed more about their motivation to create Menunggu Masa, a documentary film:

We wanted to let people know the severity of death penalties and the impact it brings to individuals. As part of an advocacy campaign, we wish to bring public awareness on this topic. that is why we created our story of Menunggu Masa, which means waiting for my time.

The film tells the story of a victim who is on death row, awaiting his time. However, due to the complicated nature of his case and circumstances he was tried on, Sherrie hopes to tell the story in a simple manner for the public to understand.

Interviewing the one of victim’s family member (Image by Sherrie Razak)

Menunggu Masa is another reminder that the death penalty is an issue that is not far from home.

Sherrie Razak of S-Ploited hopes that by watching Menunggu Masa, the audience would be more open to supporting the abolishment of the death penalty.

Although efforts have been made by the government, Sherrie feels that it is still not enough to deal with the extent of what death penalties pose to an individual’s liberty.

Image Credit: GIPHY

If you’re interested, do read our previous write-up for Freedom Film Fest where we covered the issue of the death penalty in detail over here

So, feel like getting up close and personal with the producers?

Well, great news! You’ll be able to catch these documentaries on the 6th of October (Saturday), 3.30 PM at PJ Live Arts in Jaya One.

They’ll be able to answer your questions following the screening of their documentaries.

Want to catch these documentaries like POCA Boy and Menunggu Masa? Then grab your tickets to the Freedom Film Festival 2018! Click HERE for more information on the showtimes and tickets.

Currently, S-Ploited is still in the midst of completing their film. Hence, stay tuned for more updates!