Finding Jamal Yunos : ‘Lu Mana Pergi?!’


Well in case you weren’t updated, Malaysia’s PDRM –also it’s people (because we are all ‘Kay Poh Chi’) – are having our very own national ‘Where’s Wally’. But ours is called ‘Where’s Jamal Yunos?!’

That’s right folks, our favourite towel-wearing, former UMNO divisional leader, Datuk Jamal MD Yunos, is on the run!

The controversial figure was originally remanded by police for carrying a firearm in a disorderly manner.

He was arrested and investigated under Section 34 of the Firearms Act 1960.

Tun Disapproves

However, due to complaints of severe back pain, rather than staying in jail, he was under police remand at the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital’s PREMIUM WARD

We still can’t get over how on point he looks even in pain…

While we would assume that a comfy bed in the hospital would be much preferable than a stay in the local lockup, it seems that Datuk Jamal Yunos had different ideas!

Like a magician, he disappeared from his hospital bed before his bail was even processed.
To make matters worst, even his own lawyer, Datuk Mohd Imran Tamrin has no idea where he went!


However, it’s important to note as Jamal had absconded before bail was processed, this could mean (very likely) that the bail would be revoked!

That means instead of paying RM3,000 (per offence) – FYI he was charged with 3 offences – and go home; he would need to spend time in jail instead!

Bad choices much?

So now the PDRM has officially launch Ops Tutup to hunt him down!


Guess we will be seeing Jamal Yunos more frequently on our news for a while.

What do you think about his ‘man on the run’ move?