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    8 Things Your Law Firm Employees Always Wanted But Were Too Shy To Ask


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    It’s Appreciate Your Law Firm Employees Day! Here are 8 things they always wanted but were too shy to ask for.

    Nah, there’s no such day but we think there should be one, though!

    #1 A gym membership

    “After I got conned by my previous gym, I don’t think I have much money left to sign up for another one. If only the firm could help keep me fit and productive.”

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    #2 More interns/pupils to cure their loneliness (and sort out those bl**dy bundles, really)

    “How am I supposed to finish up these written submissions, sort and serve these 5 volumes of bundles to the opponent within 2 days?”

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    #3 A badass office to work in

    “I mean, at the rate I’m working, I literally live here, amirite?”

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    #4 A larger library / online research database

    “Ok I must admit. By now, I’m already sick of travelling all the way to the University Malaya law library just to do research.”

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    #5 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    “Look at this Office Parrots article! These guys pay their pupils more than us leh!”

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    #6 Firm-Sponsored Appreciation Nights Out

    “It’d be pretty cool if the firm can sponsor our Selena Gomez tickets!”

    #7 A well-stocked pantry for those late-nights

    Nuff said. #PantryGoals

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    #8 To be sent by the firm for Professional Courses

    “Always wanted to do the Certificate in Sports Law & Practice so maybe I can help diversify the firm’s areas of practice, but times are tough. No money leh.”

    What if we told you, that you could solve some if not most of the problems above from as low as RM 2,800 per year?

    Our friends at Brickfields Asia College recently released a bunch of employee recruitment and enrichment packages designed to suit the needs and budget of law firms of all sizes.

    As BAC continues to grow and diversify their business by acquiring gyms, music schools, event companies, as well as job portals and their series of professional courses, they have decided that it would be a good idea to organize these services into affordable packages for law firms.

    And we think that’s genius!

    So with these packages, law firms will now have the opportunity to benefit not only from recruitment advertisements on BAC materials and having speaking engagements at student events, but also to enjoy special discounts for gym memberships, concert tickets and have access to BAC’s online and offline academic resources!

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