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This AI Platform Completely Changes The Way Lawyers Do Due Diligence


Attending the LexTech Conference is definitely one of the best parts of being in law and tech. And for the lawyers who are looking to build their practice upon technology, it’s a pretty big deal too. The talks, panels and networking opportunities don’t ever disappoint, but this year’s conference may be the most relevant yet!

Here are a few awesome things to expect from #LexTech18.

#1 Apparently the AI-pocalypse is NOT happening.

There is now an AI-platform that “reads and understands contracts and other legal documents in any language, finding significant information and anomalies without any instruction”. This platform is called Luminance. It analyzes thousands of pages in a matter of just hours. Currently, it is mainly used by law firms for due diligence-related work. And we are bringing them to LexTech Conference 2018!

We saw a demo of this platform at this year’s TechLaw.Fest in Singapore and it blew our minds! According to a lawyer who have used Luminance, they have managed to save up to 50% of time and resources usually required for due diligence. As a result, they have managed to deliver a higher volume of projects at a more affordable price point!

10/10 would come and see this!

“It’s not about robots taking lawyers jobs, it’s about technology helping lawyers to do a better job.”

The panel “AI & Big Data: AI-pocalypse or A New Era?” will also feature Professor Ray Campbell from Peking University who will be talking about the development of AI judges in China.

#2 Showcase of awesome tech you can adopt RIGHT NOW

Last year at #LexTech17 we explored the big ideas in legal tech. Things like Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and how they are applied in the legal industry. Great ideas that are worth pondering.

But this year at #LexTech18, we want to showcase a variety of very practical and widely available technologies that delegates can adopt immediately, keeping the content relevant to the delegates who will attend!

Lawyer who runs his whole practice with tech, Fareez Shah, will be sharing about how a practice management tool helped streamline his workflow, saved his time and reduced his operating cost. Cherilyn Tan from Asia Law Network will be sharing about business development using technology!

#3 You’ve heard about transactions of land titles on a blockchain. We are bringing the people behind it to you!

We heard that some state governments in India has been working with IBM to move their land titles onto blockchain. “The land registry is a good candidate for blockchain as there is no way to verify titles quickly,” said Vishal Batra at IBM Research in an interview with Reuters.

“The process lends itself to fraud, as an owner can re-sell a property, and the buyer is ignorant. With blockchain there would be savings and efficiency, and there can be no fraud.”

So we will be bringing in a team from IBM for #LexTech18 to tell us more about how this works and its implications to existing land transaction procedures!

#4 Regional bar associations and what they are doing about the emergence of legal tech

Some call this “the elephant in the room”. So we figured we cannot have a conference without addressing this.

So we will be gathering representatives of regulators from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to share their thoughts and experience about how they have responded to legal tech in their respective jurisdictions.

We’ve got huge names like Karen Cheah from the Malaysian Bar Council, Noemie Alintissar from Future Law Innovation Programme (by the Singapore Academy of Law) and Charya Rabindra from the Indonesian Legal Tech and RegTech Association!

Come to this session and bring some popcorn!

#5 Geeky legal issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and ICOs

In recent times, cryptocurrencies and ICOs are all the rage. Whether it’s a seasonal fad or whether it’s here to stay, we cannot deny that there are so many interesting legal questions about this!

If it’s decentralised, who owns it? Are cryptocurrencies legal tender? Are they taxable? What jurisdictions apply? How do people raise funds with ICOs? What are the laws regulating it?

If you are more awake than asleep by now, this session is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss! A couple of cryptocurrency legal experts will be coming to speak on this!

#6 Plenty of networking opportunities with regional stakeholders!

Other than getting yourself totally drowned in an avalanche of interesting new knowledge on legal tech, the LexTech Conference has been said to provide some of the best networking opportunities too!

We are expecting around 500 lawyers, in-house counsels, consultants, tech startups, entrepreneurs, academics and students from over 5 countries all around the region. A true regional gathering of like-minded legal and tech people!

The LexTech Conference 2018 will happen on 25 – 26 October 2018 at Menara Mercu UEM, KL Sentral.

Early bird tickets are currently going between the price of RM300 and RM450 depending on category.

Prices will go up on 1 May 2018!