Local Lecturer Outed As Sexual Predator After Victims Start A Petition To Get Rid Of Him.


It seems #MeToo is also happening in Malaysia’s education after a local lecturer was outed as a sexual predator.

Getting a text message from a lecturer usually isn’t something to freak out about.

Usually, text messages would range from the mundane;

Class canceled, so don’t bother coming

To the awful.

You failed your midterm. See me.

But rarely does the text messages involve sexual harassment and unwanted solicitation.

Unfortunately, it seems that one Chemistry lecturer in a local university didn’t get the memo. 

On Monday (15th October 2018), news began to circulate online about a lecturer who was sending inappropriate messages to his students.

While we are not one to judge; we seriously doubt Chemistry has a chapter on panties and pants.

Here are his messages. We let you be the judge.  

Here is a series of text sent to Student A.
 A text that he sent to a colleague.
And another series of text that he sent via Instagram to student B

Aside from these super inappropriate text messages, It seems that this wasn’t the first the lecturer was being a lecherous pig.

From screenshots and screengrabs sighted by The CanLaw Report, it seems that the lecturer is a known harasser.

Unfortunately, even though complaints have been lodged against the lecturer in question it seems that his victims’ pleas were left unheard… UNTIL NOW.

One of the victims started a petition on Change.Org to stop sexual harassment in University.

Following the creation of the petition, numerous other victims have since come forward. For now, the lecturer has been suspended from his duties pending legal investigation.

However, the lecturer has come out on Facebook claiming that his accounts were hacked.

This case is still ongoing, but nevertheless, we, The CanLaw Report, hope that the truth whatever it may be shall prevail.

 What do you think of the case?