Perlis MB Set For A Reboot? We Assess The Situation


In the Post-GE 14 world, it’s possible that Perlis may be looking for a new Menteri Besar.

This comes after a majority of state assembly members rejected Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail’s choice.

Picture Credit: Bernama

Azlan Man of Barisan Nasional rose to the position of Perlis’ Menteri Besar, Aslan Man has also taken his oath of office already.

Despite this, nine other BN assembly members were not in attendance. The only assembly members present were the five members of the state opposition.

The nine assembly members have often named Ismail Kassim as their choice for the state Menteri Besar. Ismail Kassim is the brother of former Menteri Besar Shahidan Kassim

BN holds 10 seats in the 15-member state assembly, PKR (3) and PAS (2). Due to this majority, constitutional lawyer Gurdial Singh Nijar said that the BN state assemblymen should hold a vote

“If nine out of 15 members are unhappy with the decision to choose Azlan, then it is a majority. In the light of this, the ruler has to go back to the drawing board, to ascertain whether Azlan enjoys the confidence of the majority,” he told Free Malaysia Today.

Gurdial said the next step would be to introduce a no-confidence motion against Azlan at the next state assembly sitting. “If the motion is passed, then they would have to revert to the Raja of Perlis.”

Have similar events happened before?

Picture Credit: Bernama

Gurdial said the Raja of Perlis could follow the Perak example, where Sultan Azlan Shah chose Zambry Abdul Kadir of BN after three opposition members switched sides, leaving the assembly with 28 Pakatan members, 28 BN members and three BN-friendly independents.

The sultan ordered Pakatan Rakyat’s Nizar Jamaluddin and his executive council to resign and invited Zambry to form the new Perak state government. This led to Nizar taking Zambry to court, with the Federal Court ultimately holding in favour of Zambry as the legitimate Menteri Besar.

Despite all of this, Azlan Man has said that he had not received a letter of expulsion from UMNO.

Perlis is not the only state with issues surrounding its leadership. Sabah recently had their own issues surrounding their Chief Minister.


Source: Free Malaysia Today