“Sex Predator” Doctor: Petition To Get Him Charged And Practicing License Revoked


On the 16th November 2018, the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a press statement. The statement was about a doctor who was at the center of a series of sexual harassment and assault cases.

The Star initially broke the story back in July 2018, when they released an exclusive coverage on victims of the Doctor. 

Here are some key points from the press statement;

  • The Special Investigation Committee that was formed on the 24th September concluded their investigation on the 23rd October 2018.
  • The completed report by the Committee – that include testimonies from over 30 witnesses and victims – has been handed to the Public Service Department of Malaysia (JPA) and also the Attorney-General’s Chamber (AGC)
  • The service of the Orthopedic Head of Department (aka the ‘Doctor’) has been discontinued effective 14th November 2018.
  • The ‘Doctor’ has already been informed of his termination.

In Short: Following a thorough report and investigation, the ‘sex predator’ Doctor has been FIRED!

But there’s a catch!

Despite the fact that the Doctor’s public service at the Sungai Buloh Hospital has been discontinued, he is still technically a licensed practitioner.

Not to mention, there have not been any criminal charges levied against him…yet.

So, that means the Doctor is still free and able to walk among us. What makes it more unnerving is that as he is still a licensed doctor, he is able to continue to practice in the private sector!!!

Our reaction when we realized it too.

Yup, that’s right. The man is still able to be a doctor and treat patients.

However, not everyone is staying quiet. A Change.Org petition is going around calling for CRIMINAL CHARGES be filed against the doctor and that his license is REVOKED.

The petition on Change.ORG

The petition was created on the 16th November 2018, right after the released of the press statement by the MOH.

Now, when we looked through the petition we realized some things.

The Most Obvious – The Name Of The ‘Doctor’.

Till today, despite numerous coverage of the news itself, no mainstream newspaper have yet named the doctor involved. However, the petition states that the name of the doctor involve is Dr. Zamyn Zuki.

In fact, the petition outright states it in the first paragraph alone!

For your knowledge, Dr Zamyn Zuki is the one who had sexually harrassed and raped more than 10 female doctors who were under his orthopaedic department in Hospital Sungai Buloh, Malaysia.


But, how accurate is this? Because as we all know, one false accusation can ruin the lives of the people involved.

So we decided to do a little deduction. Here were the 2 facts that we do know about the ‘Doctor’ and that were reported by mainstream press;
  • He worked at the Sungai Buloh Hospital;
  • He was the Head of the Orthopedic Department.

Knowing that, we logged into the Sungai Buloh Hospital Official website and here’s what we got.

Now, this could merely a coincidence or a mistake, as we all know that hospital websites are notorious for not updating their contents.

But it seems it might be true.

Even prior to official investigations and during the initial news coverage of the case, many Malaysians were already stating that he was involved.

Second, his license has yet to be de-registered by the Malaysian Medical Council!

The website for the Malaysian Medical Council

To be a practicing doctor in Malaysia, you would have to be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council. The Council is a supreme body and has the authority to makes all policy decisions.

Now, the Council has the power, under the Medical Act 1971, to impose disciplinary actions on the medical faculty of Malaysia. This is clearly stated in Section 29(1), whereby;

The Council shall have disciplinary jurisdiction over all persons registered under this Act.

Now, under Section 29(2), the Council can impose disciplinary actions if the person is;
  • Convicted of any criminal offense that has the penalty of imprisonment;
  • Guilty of any infamous conduct in any professional respect *ahem* sexual harassment *ahem*;
  • Obtain their doctor’s license by fraud or misrepresentation;
  • Not qualified at the time registering; or
  • De-registered by other similar councils outside of Malaysia.

While there are a few different types of punishments available, the most relevant is that of Section 30(a), which states;

order the name of such registered person to be struck off from the Register

Under Section 30(a), the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) has the right to de-register a practicing doctor. Which means that the person can no longer treat patients in Malaysia; regardless of whether they work in the public or private sector.

However, as there has been no announcement made by the MMC – they publish all disciplinary actions taken against doctors on their website – Dr.Zamyn Zuki can technically;

still (be) able to work at any private hospitals or clinics he wants.

Our reaction

As the matter is entirely up to the Malaysian Medical Council, let’s just hope that actions will be taken soon.

For now, you could continue to bring awareness to the matter by signing the petition here.

What do you think? Did ‘Doctor’ get his just desserts?

Or should there be harsher punishment?