Finally, Detailed Facts Of Anis’s Abduction and Siti Kasim’s Arrest! And It’s Sinister.


In the last week, we at The CanLaw Report actively followed the ongoing case of Anis Nur Izzaty and her lawyer, Siti Kasim.

From Anis’s alleged abduction to Siti Kasim’s arrest. We were there every step of the way.

But there were holes in the story, that left many to doubting the case and its severity. However, it seems that some of these questions will be answered.

At 12.30 pm on the 27th of June, Siti Kasim posted a detailed factual matrix of her arrest. Within the report, we also sighted many background facts that explain Anis’s case.

After analyzing the report here’s what we know.

1. Anis had been fleeing from an abusive home!

In the report, it’s written that Anis had contacted Siti Kasim after having enough of living in an abusive household. Siti Kasim had assisted her by referring Anis to the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) to seek refuge.

Under the protection of WAO, Anis managed to get counseling and a job in a well-known law firm.

2. There have been many police report lodged from both sides!

Anis has lodged numerous police report; one which clearly stated that she was leaving her home on her own free will, and another that states that her mother was ABUSING her!

Whereas, Anis’s mother has similarly lodged numerous police report to get Anis back. Things got so bad that;

…whilst she (Anis) was at work, policemen from IPD Putrajaya arrived with the intention to arrest her under the Mental Health Act.

3. Anis was threatened with a straitjacket by police personnel.


Remember the abduction allegation? Well, there was more to it.

When Anis presented herself to JAIS officers to determine her ‘akidah’, she was accosted by police when she tried to leave.

What’s worse? A police personnel had threatened to confine her to a straitjacket – like she was a crazed woman! – if she refused to go with them.

4. Anis’s detention of the police at JAIS compound DID NOT adhere to S.11 of the Mental Health Act 2001.

Under S.11 (1) of the Mental Health Act 2001:

  • (1) Any police officer or social welfare officer may apprehend any person whom he has reason to believe is mentally disordered and is, because of mental disorder, dangerous to himself or to other persons or property.

As Anis was neither suffered from a mental disorder – she was visibly distraught but definitely not experiencing a mental disorder – or was she dangerous to herself and others, the police did not adhere to the powers under S.11.

5. Things turn violent when the parties – i.e Anis, her mother and Siti Kasim – met.

When Anis was brought to Kajang Hospital for a mental evaluation, her parents were already there. However, when Siti Kasim arrived, Anis had called to Siti Kasim, shouting;

Siti Kasim, Siti Kasim, help me, help me!

After that, this ensued…

6. The police did not announce themselves…and broke Siti Kasim’s front door!

On the 23rd of June (Saturday), at 8 pm Anis had sent several messages to Siti Kasim – who was at a conference – informing that there were people breaking into the house!

When Siti Kassim arrived home, she found her grilled door close, her front door broken and no Anis in sight.

It was only after confirming with her condo security and lodging a police report at IPD Sentul, did Siti Kasim head to the Kajang Police Station.

7. But then…

 As of now, the case of Anis Nur Izzaty is still ongoing. However, based on the facts, it seems that the sweet 24-year-old and her lawyer, Siti Kasim has a battle ahead of them.

As the case progress, we at The CanLaw Report will keep updating on any progress in the story.

What do you think of the case?