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Have The Authorities Overstepped Their Boundaries? Timeline Of Siti Kasim’s Arrest and Release.


A few days ago, we released an article detailing how a 24-year-old woman was abducted and held against her will by the authorities.

Well, on Saturday night (23rd June), things went from bad to worse.

At around 11.00 pm, we were alerted to a tweet made by Siti Kasim detailing that her client, Anis Nur Izzaty, had been taken away from the lawyer’s house forcefully.

At around 12.30 am, news began to flood in that the lawyer was being arrested by the police for alleged kidnapping and obstruction.

In a live Facebook video posted by activist and Programme Manager of Musawah, Suri Kempe, the lawyer could be seen looking flabbergasted as she announced that she was being arrested for kidnapping Anis. The police report had been lodged by Anis’s mother.

While this was going on, the so-called victim, Anis Nur Izzaty could be seen and heard shouting from a separate room:


The lawyer could be seen further berating the authorities for their incompetence and questioning why they chose to take such forceful action of breaking into her house. Rather than calling her and informing that they have received a police report, and required her and her client’s cooperation.

In a subsequent Facebook video sighted by the CanLaw Report- that has since been deleted – Anis’s aunts could be seen pleading for their niece safety.

In the since-deleted clip, this was what one of the aunts had to say when talking about the alleged kidnapping report that was made by Anis’s mother.


The lawyer was arrested under S.363 (kidnapping) – which was subsequently dropped – and s.186 (obstruction of a public servant) of the Malaysian Penal Code.

Under S.186, obstruction of a public servant to carry out their public duties, the penalties are imprisonment – with a maximum of 2 years – and/or a fine – with a maximum of RM10,000.

In an interview with The Star,  Selangor CID Chief, Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat stated that authorities had acted based on a report made by Anis’s mother.

This follows a report made by the victim’s mother on June 21 that stated that her daughter had been taken away by Siti when she had been undergoing a psychiatrist’s exam at the Kajang hospital

Around 12.00 pm on Sunday (24th June), Siti Kasim appeared in the public eye at the Kajang Magistrate Court.

The lawyer, who was seen clad in an orange prison outfit and handcuffs, was led by the police to a remand hearing at the magistrate court.

She was accompanied by a team of lawyers, which also included activist and prominent lawyer, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan.

However, barely an hour later, news broke that the police’s application for remand was rejected by the court and that Siti Kasim would be set free.

As of now, according to Siti Kasim, Anis is under the care of the Women Aid’s Organisation.

While, for many, this is a reason to celebrate, many questions regarding the authorities actions still remain.

Many others, including prominent lawyers such as Eric Paulsen and Latheefa Koya – from NGO Lawyers for Liberty – question the state of the PDRM.

Some even asked why Jamal Yunos can still run free – DESPITE having an arrest warrant out for him – while lawyers like Siti Kasim, who was just doing her job, get arrested instead.

However, as of now, the case of Anis Nur Izzaty is still ongoing. The bright side? She has her lawyer back.

As the story continues to develop, we at the CanLaw Report will continue to follow the case.

What do you think? Were the authorities right in arresting Siti Kasim?