Work Related Stress Is Affecting Malaysian Lawyers. But No One Is Talking!


Remember that Mental Health article that we publish not long ago? Well, the statistics that we received were shocking and depressing, to say the least.

We originally thought that we had written all we could about the topic; and that maybe some of the relevant organisations would try and jumpstart a change.

But then we realised, maybe what we have written might not have been impactful enough. Hence here’s another article to further push our point across.

But before we begin, here’s a quick info-graphic break about the survey we conducted to gain our results.

240 respondants
No. Of respondents

Now that you’re caught up about our survey; let’s begin.

In our previous article, we talked about the general statistics and causes of work-related stress. But how did those stressors impact our lives?


1. It’s Causing Mistakes Everywhere!

An overwhelming 62.4% say they make mistakes which would not have to happen if they weren’t stressed!


For a profession that emphasizes the need to dot the I’s and cross the t’s; a simple mistake could mean the difference between a win or loss. Not to mention the amount of ADDED stress you gain if you have to shuffle through those bundles of documents to fix your mistake.

2. A Silent Killer

Aside from that, it seems a decline in health – either mentally or physically – is to be expected based on 50.6% of survey respondents.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “I would kill for that job!” Especially, as it seems that the job would be killing you.

3. Legal Work Stress = Non-Existant Work-Life Balance

31% say they experience conflict within other relationship outside work, due to stress.

4. Negative Behaviour Trigger

And sadly, 4.4% say they have experienced a range of negative behaviour due to stress. Ranging from insomnia and panic attacks to more dangerous thoughts of suicide.

But it’s not all about the individuals. Work-related stress in the legal industry is affecting the industry itself!

5. “I QUIT!”

74.3% state that the stress that comes with working in the legal field has resulted in them deciding not to practice or quitting to find another job. Such a great loss of potential talent.

While there might be other reasons as to why an individual would choose whether to practice law or not; it’s a shame when work-related stress – that could be mitigated or avoided – becomes one of the reason.

And yet, a HUGE majority choose to stay silent.

Why? Is it prejudice? Stigma?

Nevertheless, we hope that there will be some changes in the future.

What do you think?

Read the full results of the survey here.