Currently hiring: fun-loving, like-minded CanLaw Apprentices to join our awesome team of Canatics for the coming months.

If you’re new here, here’s what we do:

CanLaw is a legal-tech startup providing a lawyer-discovery platform. Our vision is a world with open access to justice. We are passionate advocates of justice and the rule of law. We believe we can ensure justice for everybody, by innovating legal services through the use of technology.

For decades, individuals could only find lawyers either through word-of-mouth or referrals from bankers and property agents. This is due to lawyers having very limited marketing means as strict publicity rules govern the profession.

That notion has driven us to be in the business of innovating the legal profession – to help people find the right lawyer at the right price; and to provide lawyers with legal means of being discovered by clients.

In doing so, our business is not just about connecting clients with lawyers, but ultimately about improving access to justice.

Here are some of the departments open for internships:

#1 Marketing Wizards

(raising awareness, writing funny but educational stuff, make memes!)

#2 Operations Geniuses

(run the platform, speak to lawyers, fix problems!)

#3 Sales Prodigies

(meet many lawyers, sign them up, impress them!)
#4 Data Octopus

(crunch the numbers, predict the future!)
Here’s what YOU can do NOW:

Head over to JobsBAC for a more (serious) job description.

You can either:


Apply via JobsBAC through the link above OR
Drop us your CV directly to!

Don’t forget to include the following details in the email:

Program/Year of study
When do you want to begin your internship?
Role(s) that you’re dying to try out

What are you waiting for?

P.S Spots are limited, so do it NOW! Learn on the job, while we pay you!