6 Explosive Topics That Will Make You Book A Flight To Singapore For TechLaw.Fest 2018


In the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology’s impact on the practice of the law is undeniable.

As E-commerce becomes pervasive, Interconnectivity advances, Artificial Intelligence matures and Blockchain becomes commonplace, the laws of technology are having to respond more nimbly and innovatively to balance public and private interests.

And this is why the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) is organizing the TechLaw.Fest 2018.

They are aiming to bring together leading thinkers in the space of Technology Law and leading makers in the space of Legal Technology.

The TechLaw.Fest 2018 consists of 3 elements:

  • The Future Law Innovation Programme Hackathon: Where the start-up village will be working hard to identify problems, create solutions and have their prototypes tested.
  • Legal Technology Exhibition: An exhibition of cutting-edge legal technologies new and old. There will also be a variety of hands-on masterclasses and workshops for you to get hands-on!
  • The Conference: There will be two stages, “The Law of Tech Conference” and “The Tech of Law Exchanges”, happening concurrently.

Here are 5 really interesting panel discussions that will take place in the two stages.

We think it will make you seriously consider getting on a flight to Singapore for the 4-6 April 2018.

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#1 The ever-increasing tension between technological innovations and regulation

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Entitled “Smart Regulation for a Smart Nation”,  panellists from the public and private sector will discuss this very timely topic with reference to case studies from a range of industries and jurisdictions.

This panel features panelist such as Andrew Cooke of Microsoft Asia, Nathaniel Mangunsong of Go-Jek and Jo Yeo of the Monetary Authority of Singapore!

Stage: Law of Tech Conference

#2 How do we regulate Artificial Intelligence?

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Entitled “Regulating Intelligent Systems”, this panel will be exploring how the deployment of AI tech affects existing legal and regulatory framework, as well as whether new forms of regulations are required for autonomous technologies such as driverless cars, robot caregivers, chatbots and more!

It features panelists such as Jennifer Koo from Microsoft Singapore, Michael Tan from Google and Suresh Sachi from A*Star.


Stage: Law of Tech Conference


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Entitled “Wising-up to the Mass Distribution of False Information”, this panel will tackle social media and how it is grappling with calls for algorithmic transparency and stricter accountability for how content is  altered to influence opinion or behaviour. Super interesting!

We have panelists such as Alvin Tan from Facebook, Warren B. Chik from Singapore Management University and Robin Callendar Smith from Queen Mary University.

Stage: Law of Tech Conference

#4 Is Legal Tech disrupting regulations?

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“Legal issues in legal tech”.

This panel is set to discuss the legal and regulatory issues and broader impact of disruption to the legal services sector.

Featured in this panel would be experts such as Rajesh Sreenevasan from Rajah & Tann, Edmund Koh from Intelllex and Alexis Chun from Legalese

Stage: Law of Tech Conference

#5 These three law firms disrupted themselves and never regretted it

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“Deliberate Disruption: A Tale of Three Law Firm Tech Journeys”.

In this session, three law firms will share their thinking behind decisions to embrace technology. We will be exploring the impact on technology adoption on productivity, business models, people development and legal services offerings. There will also be a discussion on the matter of innovation in law firms, in particular the nature of innovation in a legal services environment and what is needed to support it.

Panelling this topic will be Matt Pollins from CMS, Mark Goh from Vanillalaw LLC and Sophie Mathur from Linklaters!

Stage: Tech of Law Exchange

#6 Technology and the winning business model for law firms

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“Re-modelling the Business of Law: How Tech is Challenging the Traditional Law Firm and Lawyer”

This is a video-link session with Mark A. Cohen from Legal Mosaic on how technology is making it necessary for law firms to re-assess what their value proposition to clients is. We will be exploring how law firms adapt their own business models and legal services offerings, as well as the skills lawyers must equip themselves with to deliver such value to clients.

Stage: Tech of Law Exchange

This and SO MANY more exciting topics, exhibitions and activities that will be happening at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore on the 4th to 6th April 2018!

It’s definitely where the party’s at in the month of April for legal tech in ASEAN.

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