This Legend Is Suing MCMC For The Telco Data Leak Last Year.


Remember the data leak incident last year?

Where the personal details of literally 46.2 million mobile number subscribers in Malaysia were leaked and sold on (Which apparently also involved 81,309 records from the Malaysian Medical Council, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and Malaysian Dental Association!)

Data which involved your home addresses, MyKad numbers, SIM card information to even next of kin?


Since nothing really happened since the incident, Fahmi Fadzil decided to take matters into his own hands and sue the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for it.

In fact, the PKR deputy youth chief is also suing a data security company called Nuemera Sdn Bhd, who was appointed to manage MCMC’s public cellular blocking service.

“As a telco user affected by the breach and because it is a matter of public interest, I have decided to take legal action against MCMC and Nuemera, for their failure to secure our private information,” said Fahmi at a press conference yesterday.

According to Syahredzan Johan, who is the lawyer representing Fahmi, this suit was based on the failure of MCMC and Nuemera to “secure the information of Malaysians in the data breach”.

“In this legal process, of course, the defendants will have to say what they have done and everything, so that we can know what is happening in detail, and what has been done by them to handle this.”


In other words, they will HAVE TO explain to the courts on how it went terribly wrong.

“This suit is about before, during and after the breach happened… how they failed to have in place a proper system to ensure that such breaches do not happen, and why users were not informed about the matter.“

Fahmi filed the suit on Tuesday (6 February) and is now waiting for the case management date.

Which is probably a month and a half later.

According to Syahredzan, Fahmi has merely taken the first step and there is nothing stopping other affected telco users from doing the same.

This has garnered quite a bit of support from Malaysian netizens.

Grab your popcorn! It is going to be exciting to observe how this all pans out.

Source: The Malaysian Insight