Who Needs 14 Tiaras?! Break Down Of Najib Razak’s Seized Assets.


The Pakatan Harapan Government have made it clear that their actions will speak louder than words.

The new Government had promised to investigate the 1MDB scandal and by the looks of it, they are certainly making some headway.

Image Credit: Pakatan Harapan

Aside from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) making their own investigation, the Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) has also begun their very own.

The police have since conducted a search on not one, but SIX residences linked to former Prime Minister Najib Razak as part of the investigations on the 1MDB scandal.

Now that’s a LOT of places Najib has. (Image Credit: GIPHY.com)

During the search, a HUGE number of assets were seized by the police during the search.

So, let’s break down one of the biggest seizure in Malaysian history.

Image Credit: The Standard

Datuk Seri Amar Singh, Director of the CCID, revealed in a press conference that the assets found by the police included:

1) 12,000 pieces of jewelry worth RM880 Million

To make it simple, here’s the breakdown of the pieces of jewelry that were seized in the search:

  • 2,200 rings
  • 1,400 necklace
  • 2,100 bracelets
  • 2,800 pairs of earrings
  • 1,600 brooches
  • 14 tiaras

To give you a better perspective, here are the pictures from the search.

Image by Zulfadhli Zulkifli

Among this bunch, the most expensive find was a white diamond necklace worth 6.4 MILLION.

Amar Singh also explained that while the estimated value of these pieces of jewelry is at RM440 Million, their market value may stand up to RM880 Million.

That’s already a lot we’re dealing for the first topic in our list!

Hence … 

To all the people struggling financially, we feel you. (Image Credit: Meme Generator)

2) RM116.7 million in 26 Currencies

According to Amar Singh, it took:

“three whole days, with 22 officers from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and six cash counting machines to tally the final cash sum”.

3 Days to Count ah, so much money. (Image Credits: GIPHY.com)

3) 567 Handbags with an estimated value of RM 51.3 Million

The handbags belonged to 37 Brands that included Hermes, Prada, Versace and more. One of the bags belongs to brand named Bijan, an exclusive brand that is NOT readily available to the public. You have to make an appointment to even visit the store!


BTW have you realized yet what Bijan is when you spell it backward? Cue the mindblown moment.

One of these bad boy is enough to kill your wallet. (Image Credit: Mingguan Wanita)

Moreover, the value of RM51.3 Million is ONLY for the 272 pieces of Hermes bags.

We can only wonder what’s the total retail value of these handbags.

4) 423 watches worth RM78mil

Brands include those from Richard Mille, Rolex and Chopard; with the most expensive being a version of Rolex Daytona valued a shocking – and kind of sickening – RM3.4 Million.

A Rolex Daytona. (Image Credit: GIPHY.com)

Fun Fact: Rolex Daytona isn’t just your typical Rolex! It’s crafted with extreme care for detail such as an exotic dial with different contrast of colours.

5) 234 Sunglasses worth RM374,000

Honestly, how many sunglasses does one need?

Well, 234 sunglasses to be exact if you were our former PM with a retail price of RM374,000. Yes, that’s 6 digits with no decimal point in between.

Um … (Image Credit: GIPHY.com)

The total retail value of the goods along with cash found in the search amounted to an estimated RM1.1 BILLION!

However, while the former PM, Najib Razak, does acknowledge that the items seized belong to him and his family; he claims that he had received them as gifts. What’s more, he does not think that it’s illegal to accept those gifts.

As reported in The Star, Najib explains that it was not illegal for him to receive the gifts as they were for diplomatic purposes.

Furthermore, he argued that Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the US had received gifts worth in millions from the late Saudi Ruler King Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Saud! 

Even the First Lady herself is confused with that argument. (Image Credit: GIFFER)

But before we get ahead ourselves, let’s just say Najib’s statement is only half true.

The US State Department’s Protocol Gift Unit usually handles receiving gifts on behalf of the White House and the American Government.

Moreover, the records of these gifts would be uploaded into the National Archives and Records Administration for public viewing.

For instance, the US Constitution is made available in the National Archives. If you visit the National Archives Building, you may be to get a hard-copy of the US Constitution. (Image by CanLaw)

So, if anyone from the First Family – or diplomats – wanted to keep these gifts they have received, they must pay the American Treasury fair market value for them.

With mounting pressures from every end, it seems that the former PM has lots to answer for, especially when it comes to the ‘gifts’ that he had in his possession. 

What are your thoughts on the biggest seizure in Malaysian’s history? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Malaysian Insight and The Star