There are many to generate leads and get conversions. However, with advancements in technology and the booming internet, it is essential to have an online presence. An online presence will help you to get in touch with more potential clients, which could lead to more conversions in the future. Mere existence on the internet isn’t enough, you need to advertise your firm and do it well. Google Ads for Lawyers by dNovo Group have years of experience in helping lawyers out with Google Ads. They will provide you with a comprehensive manual that will help you to get your Google Ad Campaign kickstarted. If you are unstill unsure about getting started with it or how to go about it. No worries, we are here to answer some of the most common questions about it.

What do you understand by Google Ads for Lawyers?

It is a well-known fact that Google Ads are one of the most popular platforms which offer paid online advertising. Google owns the majority of the searches which are done online. Stats show that, when people have searched for businesses and services nearby like legal services, about 76% of people tend to visit the business on the same day as they found it on google. This means that whenever a potential client is looking for a lawyer, they will simply search for keywords like ‘law firm’ or ‘lawyer’ on Google Search. When you generate Google Ads for your law firm, it increases the chances of potential clients reaching out to you when they need you. This means that it will lead to more conversions.

Why do you need to market through Google Ads?

There has been a drastic shift in consumer behaviour since the pandemic. This has increased the client’s necessity to have an online experience first. The online experience includes hybridizing client-lawyer interaction through videoconferencing, making payments electronically and managing documents electronically.

Recent data shows that clients have continued to rely on the internet to look for legal services. Around 37% of the clients have preferred doing virtual consultations and 50% have preferred to do the follow-ups online itself. Most clients prefer to make online payments either through Credit or Debit cards or through online payment services like Apple Pay or PayPal. Over 69% of the clients have a preference for working with lawyers who provide the services of electronic document management. Electronic document management includes services like an online portal, app or webpage. Hence, law firms must boost their online presence and create a customer-friendly experience.

Why is it essential to have an online presence?

A lot of law firms and lawyers believe that adapting to technology might not be a great idea. However, clients beg to differ. Having a strong online will help you to reach the clients who are looking for tech-adopted legal services. It even helps to target the clients who aren’t so tech-savvy. Google is the topmost search engine. Having a Google Ad in place will help your business significantly.

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