While the COVID-19 pandemic drove everyone to stay at home, the children of divorced parents suffered mentally and emotionally. A divorce law firm near me reports that the increasingly hostile situation between divorced parents with joint custody has strongly affected the children. Despite the pandemic situation, the parents sharing custody must adhere to the arrangements ordered by the court.

Here’s how divorced parents can tackle the challenge regarding the custody arrangements of their kids while maintaining COVID-19 guidelines.

What to do as parents sharing custody during the pandemic?

Follow safety and hygiene guidelines:

Parents must make sure they follow the regulations placed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When around children, they should regularly wash their hands, sanitize the house, and maintain social distance outside. Practicing good habits helps the child to remember to follow them too.

Healthy communication with the child:

Children are generally inquisitive about everything they see and hear around them. Communicating the health risks of the pandemic to children in a suitable way that they can grasp is ideal. Exposing them to media news or expressing excessive anxiety around them may prove to be harmful to their psyche. The parents must answer their questions as honestly as possible without causing them much stress.

Following court custody orders: 

For divorced parents, the custody order dictates who will take responsibility for the child on certain days. The divorce law firm near me ensures both the parents agree to the same conditions keeping the pandemic situation in mind.

Being flexible, kind, and transparent:

It may happen so often that the other parent is not able to hold their end of the bargain due to certain circumstances. This can become more difficult during COVID-19, especially if one or both parents have a career in the healthcare industry or emergency services. With the help of relationship counselors, family members, and friends on both sides, these matters may be resolved at the earliest.

Everyone needs to be kind and compassionate in this situation, so if a parent misses out on their scheduled custody time for some valid reason, it is best to let it be. When they are free next time, they can spend quality time with the child.

The healthiest way to communicate with a co-parent is by being honest and upfront with any problems and availability issues. Especially if the child has been exposed to the virus, the co-parent has the right to know and take healthcare decisions jointly about what is to be done next.

Financial matters:

Many sectors suffered a tremendous financial crisis during COVID-19 and led to a number of employees being laid off. Either of the parents, the one receiving child support, or the one paying for it may be undergoing such a situation. Both parties should be accommodating and come to a mutual understanding regarding what is best for the child’s benefit.


In these trying times, divorced parents should try to cooperate with each other regarding the child’s custody. If the parents can be kind and empathetic to each other, it will benefit the child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

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