There are numerous professionals that will jockey for your money with promises to get you out of your ticket. The truth is that most of these people will simply advise you to take the plea deal they “get you” (that would have been offered anyway) and hope that the officer doesn’t show up.

If you have a case or don’t see the officer in the room for the start of the court session don’t take a plea no matter what intimidation tactics are used. Remember, the worst case scenario here is that they’re going to make you pay the ticket that you already have.

If you plead “guilty with an explanation” that is still a guilty plea and will affect your insurance. “Not guilty” is what you want to leave with.

Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?

Let’s be honest for a second – this is kind of a weasely way out. The best case scenario is simply not to speed and not have any reason to get a fight traffic tickets Toronto. If you find yourself in a situation like I did however, where plainly the intent was to prove that the local law enforcement was doing something as opposed to actually protecting society from anything, then this process gives you the best chance to get your ticket tossed out and off of your record. How to fight a speeding ticket in Ontario, I might just make the calculated decision to pay it as opposed to taking the time off of my relatively well-paying job and footing the bill for my substantial travel costs (travelling in from a rural area). So it’s definitely not worth it for everyone.

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