Family is a very closed group, where members share a common interest and mutual feelings and respect. Almost every family, especially the higher-middle class and the rich families possess a family lawyer of their own. Now, who is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a licensed lawyer or attorney who deals with internal family matters and advises a particular family. His area of discretion may include property matters, divorce, adoption, real-estate advice, guardianship, etc.

How is a Family Lawyer Different from other Lawyers?

A family law attorney is very different from other lawyers. The professional concerned is the one who handles both the civil and criminal cases of a family and aides them with legal advice. He is the one who handles everything of a family, be it police cases, to court proceedings to property settlements.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Family Lawyer

The expertise of any divorce attorney is measured on the grounds of how many cases he has solved within the family without dragging the matter to the court. The roles and responsibilities of a family lawyer are many. These roles and duties are driven to keep peace within the family.

1.     Divorce Case Representation:

A family lawyer represents a divorce case in the court of law. The matter of divorce is very serious and has serious repercussions. Such matters need to be taken care of with proper attention. The lawyer should be aware of and understand both perspectives. With a family lawyer, it many times happens that the need for a divorce is eliminated in the house itself. A family lawyer can also help with the alimony amount attached to a divorce case.

2.     Adoption Cases:

Adoption laws have become strict in the past few years. The formalities. If any family plans for adoption, the family law attorney can advise reaching the legal requirements for the adoption. This would make the adoption procedure smoother.

3.     Court Representation:

A family lawyer is ought to attend the court proceedings on your behalf. He is supposed to handle all your legal matters of the family.

4.     Gives Advice:

A very important responsibility of a family lawyer to advise the family members in the time of necessity. His advice can avoid unwanted legal situations.

5.     Property Management and Real Estate:

A family lawyer also keeps a record of the family property and businesses and handles all the legal matters attached to it. He also advises on which deal would be more profitable.

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